TS CUBIC CARD online application(1/2)

<How to apply by online>

To apply for a TS CUBIC CARD by online, please open the top page of TS CUBIC web site and proceed as follows.
TS CUBIC CARDを申し込みには、TS CUBICのWEBサイトを開け、トップページから以下に示したように進んでください。
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Once you send e-mail to TOYOTA FINANCE, you will receive an e-mail with URL to apply for TS CUBIC CARD, (See the sample e-mail below). Click the URL in the e-mail, then application form site will open.

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<Application form site>

TS CUBIC CARD application procedure starts from this page
TS CUBIC CARDのお申し込みはこのページから始まります。
Please fill in your name, address and other required information(必須) from here on all pages.
Important point and part are explained in English. See below for the details.
Please write your name in Alphabet, KATAKANA or 漢字 (Chinese characters).
If your name is too long to fit in, please use initial or shorten name. See below for the details
お名前をアルファベット、カタカナ または 漢字で書いてください。もし名前が長くて入力できない場合はイニシャルや短くして下さい。詳しくは下をご覧ください。
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  • A

    <Example> How to write when the name is long
    In case of "David Christopherson".

    In this part, there are only 9 characters in total in 2 fields (2 boxes). If the name is long, delete part of the last name so that it can be entered, and make the first name the initials.

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Please write your first and last name within 9 characters in either Alphabet or KATAKANA or 漢字.
  • B

    <Example> How to write KATAKANA part

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Please write your first and last name within 19 characters in KATAKATA.
  • C

    <Example> How to write Alphabet part


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Please write your first and last name within 18 characters in Alphabet.
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