TS CUBIC CARD online application(2/2)

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identity information image
identity information image
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Please be sure to set up a payment account when you receive your card
TOYOTA FINANCE will send you TS CUBIC CARD in about a week or two.
After you receive the card, please send us back your payment account information by filling out the provided postcard. See below for the details.

1. Please look at the paper with your TS CUBIC CARD attached. Cut the blue dotted line at the bottom left of this paper

ご自身のTS CUBIC CARDが貼り付けてある台紙をご覧ください。以下に示したように、青の点線部分で切り取ってください。
mount image

2.Fill in the blanks

〈Surface side〉 表面
mount image
〈Back side〉 裏面
mount image
  • Please be sure to fill in the information of your own account of financial institution.
  • Account holder name (autograph):Copy your name exactly the same as you registered at the bank when you opened your account.
  • 口座名義人(サイン):口座開設時に銀行に登録したものと全く同じ名前をお書きください

3. After writing all the information, please stick a sticker to hide your personal information.

"Sticker" to hide personal information is enclosed in the envelope when you received TS CUBIC CARD.
sticker image
Stick the sticker on the back of the postcard where you wrote the information.
sticker image

4.At the end, please post this postcard.

posting image
All procedures are now completed.